Lady Jane Wellness

Lady Jane Wellness is dedicated to educating students on the cannabis plant and how we can use it to live a well balanced life! Students will learn the various medicinal properties of the cannabis plant, how to responsibly dose and consume cannabis, and how to develop a healthy relationship with cannabis.

Danielle Elyse, a 30 year old passionate dreamer from Northwest Ohio was experiencing medical issues that had her feeling drained, hurt, and out of control of her body. The medicinal impact of cannabis helped her take control, and feel more in tune with her overall wellness than ever before. Cannabis is often overlooked because of a stigma created by society that shames it, and her mission is to end that stereotype and educate others on the benefits it can reap for your health!

Inspired by her passion to help others find that same relief with cannabis, Danielle works diligently to take Lady Jane Wellness from an informative blog to a movement. Now you are able to shop online for apparel to spread the awareness!  

“Don’t ever be afraid to speak up for things that you believe in! I believe in the well-being cannabis brings to my body and I will voice it to everyone I know. Their health is vital, and using natural resources opposed to dozens of pills is worth making someone take time to at least try and learn about cannabis. That’s why I created Lady Jane Wellness, and am so motivated by the impact I know it can have!” - Danielle


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