MVCDS Youth SpiritWear CapsuleCollection

Welcome! We are so excited to introduce the first-ever MVCDS SpiritWear CapsuleCollection. Each garment has been lovingly designed in appreciation of our school’s rich history and quirky spirit. Using old yearbooks as a guide, we have created a range of vintage-inspired and modern classic designs. Throughout the year, we will continue to add more styles to the collection. Next up: The Hoodie! Please email with any questions or comments.  Happy Shopping!
Thank you!  

This site is running from October 28th until November 17th at midnight. Once it is closed, we will collect, print, and sort all of the orders within 15 business days. All orders will be shipped directly to each customer. For further questions regarding this sale, you can contact Weezie Stoddard at

Please note that Jupmode doesn't hold inventory of these goods in their retail store. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Add on or changes to order cannot be made after close of sale.