UT Early Learning Center

This site is running from December 19th until January 30th at midnight. Once it is closed, we will collect, print, and sort all of the orders within 15 business days. Orders will be picked up by Allie Cline. For further questions regarding this sale, you can contact Allie at Alexis.Cline@utoledo.edu.

**Per the agreement between Allie and ourselves, Jupmode your friendly, custom decoration shop, all orders are subject to cancellation if a design does not meet a minimum sales quota of 12 pieces during the presale. Should a design not make it to production, a refund will be issued within two business days after the pre-sale ends.
Please note that Jupmode doesn't hold inventory of these goods in their retail store. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Add on or changes to order cannot be made after close of sale.